Top 10 magic shows in Vegas

The best performances in Vegas started in the salon. The city of Las Vegas, which we see today full of brilliant performances and talent, began with top entertainers like Shecky Greene and Elvis Presley visiting the salon for just $5, when the city had only 50,000 populations in the 1950s. This is where the entertainment capital began to take shape. New genres came to Las Vegas in the 1990s, when circus performers, magicians and even a group of blue men captured the human imagination through their beautiful creations. The city began welcoming top entertainers like the Backstreet Boys, Cher and Enrique Iglesias in the early 2000s, and the city has never lost its energy since. Electronic dance music and various acrobatic and imaginative performances made the city the glamorous and rich entity it is now.

“O” by Cirque Du Soleil

Critics have always called Cirque du Soleil’s “O” one of the best shows in Las Vegas. Experience these creative waters with soaked art, romance, and surrealism, making it one of the most iconic and coveted best performances in Las Vegas.

Inspired by the concept of water beauty and infinity, the global crew of daring acrobats, synchronized swimmers and stylish divers showcase the perfect transitions between reality and fantasy, above and below the water to create an amazing game.

All this is set in a large theatre designed with the theme of the 14th century Opera House. Fans of this iconic group will surely enjoy artistic choreography and the amazing beauty of water-themed acts.

So, when you’re in Las Vegas, head to the Bellagio for the chosen showtime to see the best Vegas shows. Once you’ve settled into this wonderful, old-fashioned theater, get ready to dazzle this truly extraordinary achievement. This is a world where nothing is impossible and the beauty of life and drama unfolds like a charm to your eyes.

Absinth Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Absinthe is one of the best performances in Vegas and it’s something you won’t want to miss in an extremely adult night. The show is a mix of comedy, acrobatics, burlesque, cabaret and a classic traditional circus depicting Sin City at its best. But beyond this burlesque and comedy, acrobats hold the show high. During acrobats, you will be surprised at what the human body is capable of. The play is part of the theatrical tradition, as the artist pushes his power to the limit of beautiful and exciting action. Vegas shows like this offer such a spectacle at every moment.

There are so many harsh actions that make you respectful and surprised. One such example could be the table and chair activities of the acrobat Russian, where he stacks one chair with another and balances it in the most exciting way. There are many other actions that confuse you, because any action can seem very impossible. Absinthe is very heady because of all the Las Vegas shows, this value of entertainment overrides your understanding of how they perform so easily, mercifully and in real perfection.

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