Magic is one of the most successful and enduring forms of performing art, and the interesting thing about it is its ability to attract a wide range of people, from the less educated to those with extensive knowledge in a field, from the poor to the rich. This is because magic appeals to all of us due to the way human nature is built – we are always trying to make sense of the world and when something unexplained happens, we are fascinated. Magic also delivers delight to audiences, makes people forget about the hardships of daily life, and allows them to experiment dangerous situations without needing to take the risk themselves.

Here are the main topics on this website:

  • 5 most successful magicians in history
  • The craziest endurance stunts performed by David Blaine
  • Main types of magic performance
  • 7 reasons why people love magic
  • 5 successful female magicians you need to know about
  • 11 magician tricks revealed
  • 17 things you probably didn’t know about David Copperfield
  • 12 simple magic tricks you can try on your friends
  • 8 dangerous magic tricks that will make you shiver
  • 14 facts you need to know about magic

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  • What were Houdini’s most successful stunts
  • What is David Blaine best known for
  • What magician spent 24 hours shackled underwater in a water torture cell the size of a phone booth
  • Who is one of the most successful British magicians
  • What dangerous stunt performed by David Blaine made him outdo Houdini
  • How much time David Blaine has managed to spend inside an ice block
  • How many days David Blaine has spent sealed in a transparent case without eating
  • What are the main types of magic categorized by effects
  • Which famous online magic trick made some people think their computers had supernatural powers
  • What are the reasons why people like magic
  • Why there are fewer female magicians compared to men
  • Why magicians talk constantly
  • Why children are less vulnerable to magic
  • What famous magician left school for magic and had immense success
  • What magician used sleight of hand while he was robbed to hide his possessions
  • How you can turn water into ice instantly
  • What dangerous magic trick and stunt is considered cursed due to the many accidents it has caused
  • What famous magician stood in the centre of a fire tornado and emerged safe and sound
  • What is the etymology of the word “magic”
  • Why magic is different from the occult
  • Who created the specific magician look
  • What are the most important magic organizations
  • Who is the richest magician in the world
  • Why the term “magician” is being replaced by “illusionist”
  • How the trick of pulling a rabbit from a hat appeared
  • Where “hocus pocus” and “abracadabra” come from
  • How magic has been used to evangelize
  • What caused Houdini’s death

Welcome to the world of magic and we hope you will enjoy the information we have included in these articles!

Magician performing

Magician performing