Magic cards

I don’t want to judge. It’s like hating it. I hate piles of paper. I hate giving grades to students. I hate to measure how good they are in Spanish. It seems so pointless. We have all learned the first language without the associated features, and it is the properties of my skin that are part of our system. But… If I want to have my sweet concert with my sweet school sweet student, I’d rather consider them.

So since we revamped our character philosophy this year, I’ve been looking at the reviews I do for a long time, giving characters and the information they give their characters. And I want to simplify all the ways I can! Because no teacher has extra time to just disappear!

I have been using my magic cards for several years, but this year I have made significant changes and I have to say that they are new and improved! So much so that they deserve their own post, read on, dear readers.

Basic idea

There is a directory card dedicated to each child. The teacher uses the cards to randomly encourage students and assess their listening, speaking and reading skills on the spot. No time has been spent classing paper. Tell me more!

How to prepare

Send a document card to each student. I recommend that you buy color index cards and assign color to each category, so if you drop the whole stack, the categories will be easy to sort… It’s happening now! I like bigger ones, so there’s room for data. And man, administrators love data! And you need a way to organize them: coupon organizers work well! I got mine at Dollar Tree about 11 years ago, but if you’re such a click and shop, Amazon has you covered!

Ask your kids to type their names at the top of the map and type S in the upper left corner and circle it. Then they send the cards. There are hardly any preparations… You saved yourself for two hours to write them yourself. Since you’ve been saving yourself the whole time, take a nap. You deserve it.

Then every six weeks (because our report card expires every six weeks!) Enter grades in the character book. I go to 3 different classes: oral participation grades, listening grades and reading participation. I’m going to make it worth 10 points and just look at it. If they have everything as– I’ll give them 9.5 or 10. If they mostly have A and B, it’s 9.2, all B is 8.5, mostly BS C has about 8… It’s not very scientific. Just look at their grades for this skill and give them an average. Then draw a line below it and restart it in the next character sequence. Note: These aren’t the only characters they get in the grade book! They also have some listening and reading quizzes and also fast writing!

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