Are you the magician in your life?

Every time you watch finish magic show, does it always fascinate you. I’ve always wondered how he managed to do that? There must be some trick that it has up its sleeve.

Well I will not teach you how to do magic tricks.

I will share with you something more magical than the magic tricks you see. The first thing I’m going to share with you is; We are all capable of creating something from nothing by focusing with our thoughts. Our thoughts are physical things that haven’t been created by you or are in the process of being created. When we focus our thoughts, we send messages to the universe telling them. Hey, I would love to have a bike for my birthday. And the universe will respond back to you in several ways. This may be an opportunity to express to your parents what you want for your birthday or you can also wait for it to show up at your door. Either way is a means to create and achieve what you want.

You might call it the Law of Attraction too, it’s the same. Recently, I wanted a few things for Christmas and for the start of the New Year. I want a new belt, an organizer and a new calendar.

I got my belt in an unexpected way where my friend asked me what I wanted and yup, I asked for it and I got it. My request for organizer went from 1 to 3 organizers but it was good. Currently, I have uses for 2, not really sure how to use the latter. My new year calendar was a last minute request when I realized I didn’t have a new calendar and guessed what the next day there was a new calendar on my desk. It is a gift from a charity that I donate to monthly. How amazing is that. Whatever I think has, will come one way or another.

You can try it if you don’t believe this.

However, when you try it believe that it will happen. By believing in it, making him stronger. Starting from something that is easy to get or simple. Like thinking of someone making coffee for you in the morning?

If you are thinking about changing cars, which consists of believing in changing cars and the universe will open up opportunities for you to be able to earn money to change the car you want.

Will Smith said this in an interview, “The universe will not push us around. We will command and demand the universe to be what we want it to be.”

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